Pool Contractor in Houston

There is nothing more luxurious than owning a pool, especially in the Texas heat. As any pool owner will attest, owning a swimming pool is a big responsibility that requires careful maintenance. It's important to know the name and number of a pool contractor you can trust, and that's where we come in.

Space City Pool Care specializes in delivering high-quality pool maintenance services as well as complete installations for residential properties in Houston and the surrounding areas.

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Consult with Our Pool Contractors

Before we get our hands wet, we begin every job with a consultation. The consultation phase ensures that our contractors get a full understanding of the services you are looking for. During this initial meeting, we will discuss your budget and the time frame you are working with as well as any aesthetic goals you may have.

We are more than happy to draw up an estimate before we start planning the installation or maintenance.

Comprehensive Pool Maintenance Services

Our team has years of experience working with above ground and inground pools of all sizes. If you are looking to hire a team of pool repair and maintenance specialists, we are happy to be at your service.

We are proud to offer a range of pool maintenance services, including:

Cleaning and Vacuuming - removing leaves, sediment, and general debris from your pool especially at the beginning of the season.

Pump Inspection – ensuring your pool pump is filtrating water optimally to regulate the chemicals in your swimming pool.

Filter Inspection - ensuring that your filter is emptied and cleaned properly to ensure the safety of your water system.

Testing Chemicals – performing quality water tests to ensure proper water levels free of disease, bacteria, and additional substances.

Swimming Pool Repair Services

Some of the most common repair services that we can complete include:

Rips in the Lining - rips and tears in your pool lining are not uncommon but will only worsen if not addressed – we can fix them for you!

Leaks – swimming pool leaks are also not uncommon, but the source of the leak can be difficult to find and requires the expertise of a professional.

New Pool Installation

Installing a new swimming pool can be very exciting but it is no easy task. A knowledgeable pool contractor should only complete the installation.

Here is how we break down a new pool installation:

  • Conceptualize – we plan out the location of the pool and develop a blueprint of your property
  • Excavate – we prepare the site for installation
  • Installation – we place the fiberglass pool shell in place as well as install the plumbing and filtration equipment
  • Secure – we secure the pool shell to a structural beam, so it sits neatly in the ground and does not move
  • Inspection– we inspect the finished product for complete quality assurance

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Space City Pool Care is proud to be one of Houston's most trusted pool companies from the construction and repairs of pools to seasonal pool opening and closing.

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