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Space City Pool Care provides professional pool equipment repair services in Houston and the surrounding area. With years of experience, we’ve built a strong reputation as a leading company in the field and a forerunner in our trade. We’re making waves in the pool industry, and we want you to be a part of it.

For fast, affordable, and dependable equipment repairs, there’s only one name you need to know: Space City Pool Care.

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Full-Service Pool Equipment Repairs

Enjoying your pool to the fullest depends on high functioning equipment that is consistently well-maintained. Space City Pool Care's pool repair experts provide solutions to address any problem ranging from pool liner and filter replacement, to efficient pump repair and professional upkeep of any pool component. Regardless of the make or model of your pool, our skilled Houston staff offers professional services that include:

  • Pool inspections
  • Pump installation and repair
  • Pool liner replacement
  • Filter replacement installation and repair
  • Filter sand replacement
  • Skimmer replacement
  • Pool heater installation and repair

And that’s not all, our professional pool service technicians perform a long list of pool repair services, including the servicing of all plumbing, filtration, and heating systems. Whatever your pool needs, we have a solution. We might even be able to give you a direct quote over the phone! Drop us a line today to see what we can do for you.

Fast, Affordable, and Reliable Repairs for Pool Equipment

Three qualities have distinguished us from our competitors. They are:

  • Quick Turnaround Times
  • Affordable Prices
  • Superior-Quality Workmanship

We’re confident that there is no other pool technician who packs as much value into their services as we do. As a local contractor, we strive to continually improve our services so that we stay on top of the competition—and on the cutting edge of our industry.

We offer quick responses for all communication. When you contact us, we’ll get back to you with a scheduled inspection time as quickly as possible. We’ll then provide you with a transparent quote for the cost of the job.

Once you’ve experienced the quality of our services for yourself, we guarantee you’ll be thrilled by the price we provide you. Contact us to see for yourself.

Comprehensive Pool Equipment Inspections

Get What You Need

We’re proud to offer comprehensive inspections for all pool equipment repairs. When you contact us, we’ll schedule a time to meet at your location so that we can identify the source of your pool trouble.

We’ll not only check for the most obvious problems. We’ll also see if there are any underlying issues that, while not an immediate issue, may in the long term hamper the performance of your pool equipment. That way, we can provide a complete, long-term solution to your pool repair problem. The result? We’ll save you time and money on future equipment repairs. No wonder we’re the number one choice for so many of our customers.

Accurate Pool Repair Estimates

When our technicians have successfully diagnosed the problem with your pool equipment, we’ll help you decide on the most cost-effective and long-lasting solution. We’ll lay out your options in front of you and offer you our expert advice on the best choice for your particular needs, budget, and timeline.

From there, we’ll give you an accurate cost estimate of the job. Rest assured, we don’t want you to pay any more than necessary. That’s why we provide exhaustive cost breakdowns so that you can see precisely where your money is going. No hidden fees. No surprise charges. Just honest, transparent, and reasonable pricing.

Fast Pool Repair Turnaround Times

Our technicians arrive on-site in fully equipped service vehicles that are stocked with high-quality, hard-wearing pool products and accessories. That means that, often, we can perform the necessary repair straightaway! If you don’t want a same day repair, we’ll schedule another appointment time with you that suits you better.

Sometimes, a replacement part is needed to complete your pool repair. Usually, we’ll have the required product in stock already. However, on rare occasions, we’ll need to order the part from our suppliers. When this is the case, we’ll place the order for you on the same day. A faster order means a faster shipment, which means a faster repair.

Same day repairs and same day orders. These are just two ways our company stands apart from the rest to deliver faster turnaround times for our clients.

High-Quality Residential Pool Equipment

Our primary goal as a company is to provide our clients with maximum value. That’s why we carefully research and select the products we use for their energy-efficiency and durability. We only use high-quality equipment from reputable suppliers that we trust to provide reliable and long-lasting results. That way, when we perform a repair, we’re not only confident in the quality of the work, but the quality of the product too.

Our company boasts a wide selection of premium residential pool equipment for every need, style, and budget. If you would like information on ways to upgrade your pool system’s efficiency and minimize its required maintenance, give us a call. We’re always happy to share our expertise with our clients. We’ll help you select new pool equipment that you, your family (and your wallet) will love for years to come.

Knowledgeable Pool Technicians

Our technicians boast many years of education, training, and experience. During our time in the industry, we’ve encountered every size and scope of pool repair under the sun. As a result, our technicians are uniquely positioned to deliver rapid and reliable pool equipment appraisals.

More than that, our technicians understand the meaning of customer service. We’re courteous professionals who treat your property like it’s their own—with the utmost care and respect. We go above and beyond to make sure your experience with Space City Pool Care is a positive one.

Extend the Life of Your Pool

Space City Pool Care pool professionals offer qualified expertise that is always customized to your requirements. Benefit from cost-effective and energy-saving pool equipment repairs that saves you money in the long-run. Combined with regular maintenance and routine inspections from our trained and experienced staff, extend the life of your pool in Houston with our complete line of pool equipment repair services.

With regular maintenance, your pool and its equipment should last a long time. Well-maintained filters and pumps can each last for 8-10 years. And your pool water heater? You could get as much as eight years of problem-free enjoyment out of it!

Keep your pool running better for longer. Contact us today.

Pool Pump Repair

Efficient water circulation that is powered by a sturdy pool pump is of supreme importance to a well-functioning pool. Combined with the proper balance of pool chemicals, the pump works hard to keep pool water clean and clear by pushing it through the main drain, through the filter and then back again into the pool. Undetected pool pump damage can turn into a health hazard and result in unsanitary water in addition to increased energy costs. Don’t let a pool pump failure ruin your swimming fun. Space City Pool Care offers a range of pump repair options including advanced technology variable speed models with programmable controls that save energy when the pool is not in use. Our experienced technicians are equipped to replace motors, pump housing, adapter fittings, seals and much more following a complete pool pump inspection.

Common Pool Pump Problems

The estimated lifespan of the average pool pump is 8-10 years. At Space City Pool Care we work hard to make sure that you get the most of your pool equipment. We always advocate repairing your equipment if possible. We will only recommend that you replace an item if it is absolutely necessary.

Here are some common pool pump problems:

  1. Defective Bearings: Pool pumps will often encounter bearing trouble. Bearings are extremely vulnerable, especially to shock, vibration, and corrosion. You can tell when your bearings are acting up by the very peculiar whirring sound they produce when defective.
  2. Defective Pool-Pump Impeller: The impeller of your pool pump is very vulnerable to clogging. If the water it pumps is teeming with debris, it will most definitely clog. This can be avoided by keeping a close eye on pool debris. Though your impeller may still become clogged by other means. After years of use, the washer, bolts, and nuts may loosen. When they wear down and loosen, they might fall out of place and clog the impeller system. Is your impeller clogged? Give Space City Pool Care a call!

Pool Filter Repair

Working in tandem with the pump, your pool’s filtration system is equally essential for safe and clean pool water all season long. Insufficient pool maintenance and extreme temperature fluctuations during the time that your pool is closed for the season can damage valves and accompanying filter components. Our Houston pool repair experts quickly find the source of any pool filter problem and offer a range of filter repair and replacement services that include fixing filter valves and leaks, changing the sand in your filter, or installing a completely new and advanced filter system at a competitive price.

At Space City Pool Care, we don’t expect every person to be an expert in identifying pool problems. As always, there are a number of warning signs you’ll be able to spot yourself, but some issues might be more difficult to diagnose.

To avoid misdiagnosing problems—and to avoid most problems in general—Space City Pool Care has one firm recommendation, and that’s regularly scheduled pool maintenance. A pool maintenance service won’t just look at your pool filter, they’ll look at the plaster on your pool’s surface. They’ll look at the pool pump, the pool coping, the pool steps, and more!

Pool Heater Repair

Enjoy your pool at any time of the year with regular pool heater maintenance or a completely new installation from Space City Pool Care experts. No matter the temperature, our Houston pool technicians are able to extend your pool season with efficient pool heater repair and replacement services.

We’ll provide a thorough inspection to get to the bottom of your pool heater problem. Thanks to our experience, we’ve managed to save countless heaters, salvaging what we can to save our customers considerable sums of money.

Skimmer Repair

Inadequate skimmer suction can cause weekly pool vacuuming to become ineffective and a maintenance hassle. Problems with your pool skimmer can be traced to a range of issues that may include clogging issues or complications with pump plumbing. Space City Pool Care staff will pinpoint the source of any pool equipment problem promptly and restore your pool to good working order.

For expert help with these or any other type of pool equipment repair problem, contact us to schedule an appointment.

Saltwater System Repair

Saltwater systems, or salt water chlorine generators are great. They’re a new development in pool technology. A saltwater system produces chlorine naturally through a process called electrolysis. Many of the side-effects of a traditionally chlorinated pool are nonexistent with a saltwater pool. Say goodbye to irritated eyes, red skin, and the strong smell that comes with chlorine.

Problems can always arise with a saltwater chlorine generator, though. A saltwater generator could unknowingly produce high levels of chlorine. Though these high-levels of chlorine may not irritate a swimmer, they can corrode your pool’s handrails, the ladder anchors, and other pool accessories. Worst of all, saltwater systems, if left unchecked, might corrode pool liner walls.

Space City Pool Care specializes in salt cell replacement for saltwater chlorine generators, and we will gladly help you with any other problems that might arise. All you have to do? Call us!

Satisfaction Guaranteed: Our Pool Repair Promise

We’re confident in the quality of our work—so confident, in fact, that we offer a customer satisfaction guarantee on every job we undertake. You can try our services risk-free. If somehow the quality of our work does not meet your expectations, then we urge you to get in touch. We’ll follow up with you and do everything we can to make sure we rectify the issue, whatever it may be.

Quality repairs, affordable prices, and professional staff. You’ll love our services. It’s our promise.

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